ART-218C LH Kit

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K134. ART-218C LH Kit

Left Hand Kit for Cora Pearl's class ART 218C Uncial & Carolingian Calligraphy at PCC

Kit contains:
Left Hand Brause Nibs (1mm, 1½ mm, 2mm, 2½ mm, 3mm) (N06)
Speedball nib holder x2 (H69)
Drafting tape (1" size) (S412)
Walnut ink crystals jar (2.25 oz) (S450)
Pad of Gilbert Bond paper (11" x 17" size) (P70)
Pentel Graphgear 500 mechanical pencil (size 0.5mm) (PL21)
Micron Black (size 05) (M17)
Metal ruler (12" size) (S270)
Pipette (S1039)
Water dish (S1005)
Protractor 180º (6" size) (no dark colors) (S632)
Scotch Magic tape (3/4" size) (S1046)
Uhu glue stick (S391)
Staedler plastic white eraser (E13)
Prang watercolor set (16 colors) (S609)
18" T-square (S753)
Dark blue colored pencil (PL05 - Indigo)
Red colored pencil (PL05 - Poppy Red)
½" Watercolor flat brush (BR60)
Bone folder (S308)

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