Process of Artwork, The / Scripsit 42.2

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B4118. The Process of Artwork: Scripsit 42.2. 2020. 36pp. 8.5"x11". Paper

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This issue presents three diverse approaches to the birthing of an artwork. The artists: Sherri A. Trial, for whom inspiration and impulse lead to the creation of tiny artworks. Cherryl Moote, for whom imagination and intuition result in a unique letterform. Tamara Stoneburner, who through research and resilience creates a ten-generation family tree that was created over seven years. The narratives are engaging, and they are generously illustrated with in-process images along with finished calligraphic art works--all in full color. Designed and written by Randall Hasson.

Scripsit is the journal of the Washington Calligraphers Guild, and this issue was mailed in fall 2020 to current members.

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