Art and History of Calligraphy / Lovett

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B4214. Art and History of Calligraphy by Patricia Lovett. 2017 (2021). 224pp. 8.5"x11". Paper

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Presents first a well-illustrated history of calligraphic hands from early Roman Cursive and Uncial through to Edward Johnston's Foundational hand. Next is a longer chapter on how manuscripts are made, covering: pens, pigments, metal leaf, brushes, and vellum, and how they were used to letter, gild, and illustrate manuscripts. A series of full- or multi-page plates of 75 manuscripts follow, with a description of the manuscript, the significance of its text, the hand used, and other facets of its production. The first 50 or so pages span the third through the sixteenth centuries. From English revival and forward are plates from William Morris and Edward Johnston and from fifteen 20th-century scribes.

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