Artist and Illuminator Bridge

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S896. Artist and Illuminator Bridge.

December 2021: Out of stock.

Rest your hand on this sturdy wooden bridge as you work, adding detail to your gilding, lettering, and painting without smearing the wet portions. We have also been informed that the bridge is great for prevent smudging when using colored pencils. Bridge measures 3"x12" and sits 3/4" high, the feet have felt pads attached to the bottom. Made in the U.S. of solid cherry wood. A self-adhesive felt pad is included for those who want a cushion rest for their hand.

Click here to see an image of the bridge in use.

See Harvest Crittenden demonstrate its use in her video on gilding with Instacoll: Gilding with Instacoll by Harvest Crittenden

Click here for a complete list of supplies in the video, including the bridge.

(Unlike the bridge in the video, our version does not have a decorative stone).

For information on Harvest's work and prints, online classes, and the Spencerian Saga, visit

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