Boris Layout Pad 50 Sheets

Item Code: P09-50


Boris Layout Pad
Bright White Felt Marker Layout Pad (#37). 50 sheets.

August 2020: The 11x14 and 14x17 are still out of stock. We have limited stock of the 100 Sheet Boris Pad (P09-100) but you can also look at Canson Pro Marker Layout (P32) as another substitution.

A smooth, translucent sheet that is highly recommended. No bleeding or feathering. Popular for beginning classes, and for copperplate for reproduction. Our most popular pad. From Borden & Riley.

Choose 9x12, 11x14, or 14x17 inches.

For tracing, Cotton Comp pads are recommended. Cotton Comp is easier to see through than the Boris Layout Pad.

Formerly P10-50, P11-50, & P12-50

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