Brown Calligraphy / Denis Brown

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B4248. Brown Calligraphy: Denis Brown Discusses His Art by Denis Brown. 2018. 264pp. 8.5"x12". Hardcover.

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In this book, renowned calligrapher Denis Brown reveals the journey of his work, from schoolboy accomplishments through rebellious outbreaks to artistic masterpieces. Brown's calligraphy transcends the worlds of lettering and design to incorporate broader realms of expression and artistic communication. He discusses in detail the values of his craft: letterform and composition, structure and fluency, and discipline and freedom. He also candidly examines creativity with content and conceptual approaches in responding to texts. The artist presents and discusses a broad range of his calligraphy, from formal and traditional pieces to expressive, conceptual, and even transcendent works of art. This book has been designed by its author, a leader in the international field of Western calligraphy, to be one of his works in its own right.

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