Calligraphica Crystals

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S1095. Calligraphica Crystals.

March 2022: All colors are currently out of stock.

Add a bit of water to these crystals and you will have a delightful watercolor ink. This ink flows well through pens and each color contains a hint of metallic shimmer. A little bit goes a long way! Crystals sold in "double" jar with two compartments, allowing you to mix only what you need.

Our color selection of Calligraphica crystals varies throughout the year, depending on supplier availability.

This is a professional art material and is not recommended for use by children.

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Calligraphica Crystals- MAGENTA
Mar 9, 2020  |  By Kimberly Pinkham
I've purchased 3 of the Calligraphica Crystals colors so far, I received my third one today in Magenta. I have the Sap Green and the Blue Electric, both of which were very easy to mix to the right consistency for hairlines and pressure strokes for dip pen. Love them both, amazing colors! However, the Magenta is different. I've been fussing with the Magenta all day and still am not satisfied with the color or consistency. I didn't have any trouble with the other two. Is there an issue with mixing the Magenta?
Owner Response: We haven't heard of any issues with any specific color of the crystals before. If you continue to have issues please email and we will take care of it and make sure you get what you need.

Caligraphica Crystal - Beautiful
Dec 3, 2021  |  By Dianne Wright
Pat Blair recommended these for calligraphy and painting. They are beautiful and can be easily hydrated to different viscosity depending on what you are doing. Buying more colors today.

These Crystals are wonderful
Dec 17, 2021  |  By Dianne Wright
Found these in a class with Pat Blair. They are really fun to use and beautiful. Used them with a dip pen to wright and brushes to paint. Hoping for more colors soon. The containers are great as you can mix a few crystals w/ water in the top section.