Calligraphica Crystals

Item Code: S1095


S1095. Calligraphica Crystals

Add a bit of water to these crystals and you will have a delightful watercolor ink. This ink flows well through pens and each color contains a hint of metallic shimmer. A little bit goes a long way! Crystals sold in "double" jar with two compartments, allowing you to mix only what you need.

Choose color:
Azure, Black Graphite, Blue Electric, Blue Velvet, Brown Anthracite (Walnut), Champagne, Chestnut Metallic (Copper), Dark Lilac, Golden Autumn, Golden Leaf, Ivory, Malachite, Magenta, Mint, Nickel, Pink, Plum, Rose Gold, Sap Green, Silver Gray, Twilight Blue.

This is a professional art material and is not recommended for use by children.

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