Calligraphy Paper Sample Sheet Pack

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Calligraphy Paper Small Sheet Sample Pack.

An affordable way to sample all of our white and off-white fine papers. We also offer a full sheet sample pack (PS87-SA) but many teachers and students have requested smaller sheets.

White & off-white calligraphy papers. 14 labeled sheets, letter-size or slightly smaller. One sheet each: Arches Text Wove, Rives BFK 180gsm, Bugra White, Frankfurt White, Frankfurt Cream, Canson Ingres White, German Ingres White, Arches WC HP 90#, Stonehenge White, Rives BFK 250gsm, Pergamenata Natural & White 160gsm, Pergamenata Natural 230gsm, Zerkall Book White, Nideggen Sand.

No extra fine paper shipping charges for this sample pack.

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Full Sheet Sample Packet
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