Calligraphy Paper Sample Sheet Pack

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PA101. Calligraphy Paper Small Sheet Sample Pack.

An affordable way to sample all of our white and off-white fine papers. We also offer a full sheet sample pack (PS87-SA) but many teachers and students have requested smaller sheets.

White & off-white calligraphy papers. At least 13 labeled sheets, letter-size or slightly smaller. Assortment may include one sheet of: Arches Text Wove, Rives BFK 180gsm, Arches MBM (105gsm), Frankfurt Smooth, Frankfurt Cream, Canson Ingres White, German Ingres White, Arches WC HP 90#, Rives BFK 250gsm, Pergamenata Natural or White 160gsm, Pergamenata Natural 230gsm, Zerkall Book White, Nideggen Sand. Assortment may change.

No extra fine paper shipping charges for this sample pack.This Sample Pack can ship with paper sheets (rolled) or with books/supplies (flat).

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Large Sheet Sample Packet
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