Calligraphy Review Vol.4, No.1

Item Code: CR4-1


Calligraphy Review Volume 4 No. 1.

Profile: Tim Girvin
  by Karyn Gilman
Historical & Modern Hebrew Calligraphy & Calligraphers
  by Leila Arvin & Avraham Cohen
Looking Back: Friedrich Poppl
  by Georgianna Greenwood
Fragile: Calligraphy and the Art of Steuben Glass
  by Michael Gullick
Collecting Calligraphy: Then & Now Part 2
  by Robert Williams
Tools of the Trade: The Quill Pen Cutting Knife
  by George Yanagita
Exhibits: Gudrun Zapf von Hesse and Hermann Zapf
Cover Artist: Friedrich Poppl

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