Calligraphy Styling / Halim

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B4238. Calligraphy Styling by Veronica Halim. 2018. 160pp. 7.25"x10.25". Paper

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This book starts with a presentation of nibs, holders, inks, and papers that is both beautiful and informative. Next are excellent exemplar alphabets for caps and lowercase (with stroke direction and hints) for two Copperplate scripts: classic and modern (aka Modern Calligraphy). Flourished caps are also provided for both styles. Then come several pages on connecting letters into words and tips on using flourished caps. There is good stuff here for intermediate scribes and for beginners as a second book.

But the main reason to buy the book is the projects, which are sophisticated and stylish, artful rather than crafty. They include various greeting cards and paper ornaments, monograms and stationeries, calligraphy styling with flowers, papers and packaging. Some are just pointed pen script, some require basic drawing/painting skills, and others just use splotches, strokes or washes. There is a special section on weddings and other gatherings, but most every project and technique has wedding potential.

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