Carolingian Minuscules DVD / Reggie Ezell

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DVD56. Carolingian Minuscules DVD by Reggie Ezell

Part of a new series of instructional Calligraphy DVDs from Reggie Ezell. For beginning and intermediate students. Video is approximately 30 minutes and covers "all aspects" of the topic. Reggie has taught calligraphy for over 30 years, and his yearlong courses have been among the most highly regarded and sought after in the U.S. and Canada. This DVD is formatted for North American DVD players.

The series:
DVD55. Italic Minuscules.
DVD56. Carolingian Minuscules.
DVD57. Pointed Brush Basics.
DVD58. Basic Romans.
DVD59. Basic Blackletter.
DVD63. Drawn Romans.
DVD67. Foundational.

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