Coliro (Finetec) 12 Color Pearl Set

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S968. Coliro (Finetec) 12-Color Pearl Set

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Made of mica and corrosion-protected metallic pigments with a gum arabic binder. Can be mixed or overpainted. Lightfast and non-toxic. Mix water into the color with a brush and use the brush to load your pen. 12 pans, 7/8inch dia. Silver Pearl, Fine Gold, Shining Pink, Red, Fine Lilac, Red-Violet, Blue Pearl, Blue Silver, Green Pearl, Blue-Green, Bronze, and Red-Brown.

Finetec is changing the name of its metallic, pearl, & moiré colors to Coliro. The paints have not changed, just their name.

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Chocolate For Your Eyes
Sep 21, 2019  |  By Kay Tracy
Beautiful, rich, luminous & easy to work with. The golds wonderful tonal range. It could only be improved by a secret compartment filled with chocolate.