Coliro (Finetec) Pearl Colors

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Coliro (Finetec) Pearl Colors
Six 7/8" diameter pans.

Red, Bronze, Shining Pink, Silver Pearl, Green Pearl, Blue Pearl.

These metallic color sets are made of mica and corrosion protected metallic pigments with a Gum Arabic binder. The colors can be mixed or overpainted and are lightfast and non-toxic. Mix water into the color with a brush and use the brush to load your pen. (finetec, finetech, fintec)

1/5/18: The vendor changed the color selection for this set after the 2018 catalog was printed. The colors listed above are the correct colors in this set. The image in the online catalog has the current colors.

S767 Finetec Pearl Colors color chart Please note this set does not come with all of the colors shown in this chart.

Finetec is changing the name of its metallic, pearl, & moiré colors to Coliro. The paints are not changing, just their name.

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