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B4227. Colour and Curves: A Pilot Parallel Pen Workbook by Alice Young. 2018. 76pp. 8.5"x11" Paper.

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Thoroughly covers the Parallel Pen and its use, including 16 pages of ink options, from Pilot cartridges to metallic inks. You learn how the pen writes through fun, non-letterform exercises. The last section is Blackletter instruction, with exemplars and exercise pages. Even if this hand is not your thing, this beautiful book belongs in your studio if you own a Parallel Pen. Full-color throughout.

Among a range of other papers, Gilbert Bond is highly recommended on page 48 of this book. Unfortunately, manufacturers change papers without notice. While this paper is still great with most all inks, it is not really suitable for the various colors of Pilot Parallel Pen cartridge ink. You should explore the other papers mentioned on that page of the book. The JNB Graph Pads (P21 & P22) also work well with Parallel Pen ink as does the JNB practice pads (P25 & P22). The bonus pack of single sheets is printed on the paper used in these pads.

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Fabulous book undone by lousy binding
Feb 8, 2022  |  By Bill Rogers
The exercises in this book are very useful, but doing them requires that the pages stay open. This kind of book requires a spiral binding of some kind. Repeated flexing at various points in the volume has done little to make pages lay flat. One needs a flat thick glass paperweight to proceed with the exercises. So disappointing!
Owner Response: Bill is right, it is difficult to do get the book to lie flat so that the exercises can be done directly in the book. One solution is to make photocopies of the exercise pages (on a non-bleeding paper). If you want to repeat a page or pages of exercises, you can make an additional copy of the page(s). These photocopies should be made only for your personal use. JNB Practice paper is excellent for this copying: P25, 50 loose sheets OR P25-REAM. JNB Practice Paper 500 sheets.