Copperplate with Ron Tate DVD

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Copperplate with Ron Tate. 2009. 1 hour, 45 minutes.

This step-by-step instructional DVD presents the history, tools, and techniques for this beautiful hand. Calligraphers call it Copperplate or English Roundhand. It is similar to the Engrosser's Script written by penmen. You learn Copperplate calligraphy with the help of professional calligrapher, Ron Tate.

The 21 chapters include: Correct posture and desk positioning, writing angles and letter sizes, Step-by step instruction for all lowercase and capital letterforms, Numbers, Connecting letters, Oblique pen holders and pen points, Ink samples, List of online resources, Old handwriting styles, Old penmanship books,
plus an exciting extra 30-minute feature on how to develop your own beautiful style of penmanship.

This DVD is formatted for North America. For those outside the USA & Canada, it will work with the DVD drive on your computer but may not work on your TV's DVD player.

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