Discontinued Supplies

Item Code: SDISC


The following items in the 2019 print catalog and supplements are no longer available from John Neal Bookseller:

BR65. Connoisseur Kolinsky Pocket (travel) Brush
DVD29. Italic with Flourish DVD
H131. Ziller Zanerian Plastic Oblique Holder
I23. Bokuju Vermilion
I125. Moon Palace White.
I139-4. Pearl Ex Pigments - 4oz.
I144. Emperor Sumi Ink
I146. Tresser's Liquid Gum Ammoniac
I150. True Walnut Ink
M60. Zig Callig PIGMENTED Markers
M60-12. Zig Callig Pigmented Markers, set of 12
M76-S3. Signo / Gel Impact Pens Set of 3
N21. Suede Pens
N127. Index Nib
N144. Leonardt Shakespeare Nib
N201. Leonardt Sampler
PA37. Clairefontaine Paper Pack 8.25"x11.75"
PA84-57. Diploma Parchment 5x7inch (25 sheets)
P39. Cotton Comp Pad
P79. Pacon Basic Black Lined Paper
PS94. Glassine 18x24 inches
S160. Plexiglass for Easel
S219. #15 Bookbinders Needles
S317. Sandpaper: 400 Grit
S373. #4 Scalpel Metal Handle
S538. Smaller Microspatula
S560. Atelier Gargoyle Sealing Wax.
S604. Copper Leaf
S616. Flat Agate
S625. Soapstone Marking Pencil
S767. Coliro (Finetec) Pearl Colors
S855. Flip-Top Small Dinky Dip Refills.
S889. Hardwood Ink Jar Base (and glass bottle)
S904-SL2. Loose Gold Imitation 2-Pkt.
S945. Pencil Point Agate Burnisher
S992. Double Water Cup
S997. Lettermate Addressing Guide
S1011. Coliro Under the Sea Palette
S1014. Coliro Pastel Garden Palette
S1051. Watercolor Confections: Shimmering Lights
S1058. Ash Bush Resonate Pen Rest

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