Ecoline Brush Marker Sets

Item Code: M131


M131. Ecoline Brush Marker Sets.

**Discontinued with Limited Stock**

The same vibrant Ecoline Liquid Watercolor you love in bottles now comes in a brush marker that is handy when travelling and ideal when working outside your studio. Image shows 30-color set.

Set of 5: 201 Lemon Yellow, 578 Sky Blue (Cyan), 337 Magenta, 600 Green, and 700 Black.

Set of 10: 201 Lemon Yellow, 237 Deep Orange, 334 Scarlet, 337 Magenta, 548 Blue Violet, 506 Ultramarine Deep, 578 Sky Blue (Cyan), 600 Green, 227 Yellow Ochre, and 700 Black.

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