Ecoline Brush Pen

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M132. Ecoline Brush Pen / Marker

**Discontinued with Limited Stock**

The same vibrant Ecoline Liquid Watercolor you love in bottles now comes in a brush marker that is handy when travelling and ideal when working outside your studio.

Choose: 237 Deep Orange, 202 Deep Yellow, 600 Green, 205 Lemon Yellow (Primary), 201 Light Yellow.

Black, Blender, Blue Violet, Carmine, Chartreuse, Cold Grey, Deep Green, Deep Ochre, Forest Green, Light Green, Light Orange, Prussian Blue, Red Violet, Reddish Brown, Scarlet, Sepia, Sky Blue (Cyan), Turquoise, UM Deep, UM Violet, Vermillion, Warm Grey, Yellow Ochre are no longer available.

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