Ecoline Liquid Watercolor Set of 5

Item Code: I153-S5


I153-S6. Ecoline Liquid Watercolor Sets of 5

A free-flowing ink in a wonderful selection of very vibrant colors, which are transparent (except Black) and non-waterproof. The colors mix well. Especially popular for folded and ruling pens. For pen, brush, and airbrush. Recommended by Thomas Hoyer, Kei Haniya, and numerous other Instagram users.

Aug 2018: The manufacturer has replaced the set of 6 with these two sets of 5. The bottle has changed to a round dropper bottle.

Primary Set includes: Black, Green, Sky Blue Cyan, Magenta, Lemon Yellow.

Additional Set includes: Grey, Light Orange, Vermillion, Ultramarine Violet, Sepia.

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