Elegant Writer Dual-Tip Marker Set

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M135. Elegant Writer Dual-Tip Marker Set

Elegant Writer Dual-Tip markers have crisp, nibs that make forming beautiful calligraphic letters easy. Free-flowing ink is AP non-toxic and acid free.

Contains 12 Dual-Tip (Chisel & Scroll) Markers: 1 each of Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Turquoise, Royal Blue, Purple, Brown, Gray, and Black).

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too soft
Jun 1, 2018  |  By grace new vanderpool
I was so excited when these came out....and then so let down when I tried them. Some of my enthusiastic italic lettering students bought them since they had such good luck in class with the Zig Scroll n Brush. I could have saved them the trouble. We do use Elegant Writers for broad edge, and they work great for Italic.