Expo Vis-a-Vis Wet Erase Marker

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M103. Expo Vis-a-Vis Wet Erase Marker (black).

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Thanks to Carol DuBosch for sharing this marker with us. This black bullet-tip marker bleeds amazing colors when spritzed with water. The marker is made in a few other colors, but the black is the only one with an interesting bleed.

Click here for a picture of Carol's Fraktur "M" using this technique.

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There are better options....
Jun 8, 2019  |  By Mary
If one is purchasing this because of its ability to "break" into different colors when wet, then there are better options out there, namely the Speedball Elegant Writer (in black ink). I've done a comparison between the two, and the Elegant Writer has better, clearer colors (pinks and teals). This pens colors were quite a bit more subtle, and mostly just gray.