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B4345. Findings in the Calligraphic Work and Teachings of Irene Wellington 1904-1984 by Ewan Clayton and Ann Hechle. 2021. 56pp. 9.5"x7.8".

Irene Wellington was one of the most original and influential figures in the development of twentieth-century calligraphy. A talented student of Edward Johnston (an early pioneer of the modern calligraphic movement) she extended the whole concept of what calligraphy could encompass, stretching the formal roots of the craft to include the freedom of personal statement.

Irene found calligraphy life-enhancing, and looking back over her work, her writing and drawings still seem potently alive. Much can be learnt from looking at the structure and fluency of her writing and compositional skills – but above all, it is in her integrity, in how the craft, the content and her personal insight are all bound together that she leaves her greatest inspiration and legacy.

This book by renowned scribes Ewan Clayton and Ann Hechle provides a detailed analysis of several of Irene's most important works, and in so doing highlights the deeply considered impulses which informed her work. The book also includes a tribute given by Ann Camp at a meeting of the Society of Scribes & Illuminators shortly after Irene's death.

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A lovely book
Apr 22, 2022  |  By Margaret Morgan
It's a lovely book, and I was delighted to be at the Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society AGM last month to hear Ewan Clayton talk about his and Ann Hechle's contributions to the content of the book.