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B4357. Flourish: An Introduction to Historical Copperplate and Modern Calligraphy by Veiko Kespersaks. 2021. 200pp. 8.25"x11". Paperbound.

A thorough presentation that includes detailed letterform instruction for Copperplate lowercase and provides various different capital alphabets to use with them. Also includes embellished words and capital letter alphabets plus pointed-pen monogram letters; flourishing of script; flourishing to create pictorial elements ranging from simple shapes and florals to traditional off-hand birds/quill and modern-style animals; and flourished borders. There are sections on color and paints and on metallics -- gold leaf gilding (flat and raised with gesso), using shell gold as well as mica-based metallics -- plus detailed sections on oblique pens holders, and so much more.

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Mar 9, 2022  |  By Tessi Ranta-aho
A great book!!!

Mar 9, 2022  |  By Sheila Rees
I agree...a great book