Folded Pen Adventures / DuBosch

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B4249. Folded Pen Adventures by Carol DuBosch. 2018. 32pp. 8"x8". Paper

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This instruction book teaches how to use the folded pen to write an Italic-based alphabet. You learn how the folded pen works, starting with basic strokes. Follow the model alphabets that give stroke direction and sequence, and then add flourishes to the letters. Next, more vertical and more cursive variations of the basic alphabet are shown, and two new alphabets are introduced: Neuland and Bensgothic (based on Ben Shahn letters). Bleach techniques, color blending, folded pen making, and various forms of the folded pen are presented. Includes many examples of Carol's delightful calligraphy.

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A Clear and Colorful Instruction Book
Dec 16, 2018  |  By Marla K. Brumbaugh
The book has a lot of beautiful examples and quick instructions (32 pages of substantial coated text stock plus a gloss coated cover), but mine came apart from it's two staples by day two of page turning, thus the theee stars. Nothing I cannot fix myself, but not so good all the same. I do love the content!