Grey Plastic Penholder (114)

Item Code: H46


Grey Plastic Nib Holder

Lightweight grey plastic (Caran D'Ache 114) penholder. Now comes with standard ring and four prong gripper mechanism. (The OLD style is no longer available.)

April 2022: Manufacturer has raised significantly.

How do I insert a calligraphy nib into a penholder that has a metal ring and four prongs?

JNB Item Code: H46
Item Name: Grey Plastic Penholder (114)
Grip Diameter (mm): 9.25
Grip Diameter (inches): 0.364
Length (cm): 14.0
Length (in): 5.5
Weight (gm): 5.7
Weight (oz): 0.2
Staff Material: Plastic
Staff Shape: Straight
Nib Hold: Metal ring w/ prongs

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