Thomas Hoyer Haff Ruling Pen (629 U)

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N33. Hoyer Ruling Pen
Thomas Hoyer Ruling Pen, Haff Ruling Pen (629 U)

Thomas Hoyer uses this fine-crafted, traditional ruling pen for expressive lettering. 5"overall length; nickel-plated tool steel alloy. Both Thomas and this ruling pen come from Germany. He has introduced the tool as a writing instrument at several conferences and workshops in the USA and Europe. This ruling pen was sold by HAFF as their number 629U. These are now coming from the manufacturer, a small family firm.

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Black Aladdinite*

(Ball Aladdinite and Plastic are no longer available.)

*Aladdinite is a sustainable manufactured material made using milk protein. It was invented in the early 20th century and was used for a wide variety of items (including jewelry) before the invention of plastic derived from petroleum. It is most commonly used now for buttons.

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Trusted tool
Mar 2, 2022  |  By Saskia Latendresse
I bought the wooden version; it's slightly heavier than the aladdinite one. The blades on these are slightly longer than on older Haff-U ruling pens, but same quality.