Inkmethis Guide Maker

Item Code: S1115


S1115. inkmethis Guide Maker.

For 8.5"x11" sheets. Use this ingenious tool in drawing both horizontal and slant guidelines. Made of thin, flexible, and clear plastic that allows you to see the placement of your slant lines and ensure proper squaring and alignment. This stencil is designed to make it a breeze to make your paper pointed-pen-ready. Using one of the various x-height rulers to create your horizontal guidelines, you can draw as many slant lines as needed by simply sliding the Guide Maker to the right on a T-square or by using the grid ruler at the bottom to ensure you stay square with your horizontal guides. The Guide Maker includes 55 & 52 degree stencil, mm ruler, inch grid ruler, various x-height rulers, and oval stencils.

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