Lamy Booklets (softcover)

Item Code: PA111


PA111. Lamy Booklets (softcover)

The paper in these just-released booklets is cream-colored, 90 gsm (24lb bond) and smooth enough for pointed-pen, but with enough tooth for broad-edged calligraphy. It takes the ink beautifully, giving you crisps strokes with no bleeding/feathering and no bleed through, even with Higgins Eternal. (Pilot Parallel Pen inks don't feather, but with heavy ink lay, there can be some bleed through.) The pages have a unique design that is printed on both sides and which functions as both lined and graph papers at the same time! The unusual spine-stitch thread binding allows the booklet to lie flat, and the pages are perforated for easy removal. Paper is Italian made. Gray cover, 64 pages (34 sheets) per booklet.

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A5 (5.8"x8.3")
A6 (4.1"x5.8")

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