Left-Handed Calligraphy + Insights Into LH Calligraphy

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B4164. Left-Handed Calligraphy + Insights into Left-Hand Calligraphy Book Combo

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This book combo includes the two Left Hand Calligraphy Manuals that are available:

B4160. Left-Handed Calligraphy:
The art of beautiful handwriting is no more difficult to master for the left-handed than for the right-handed student. But the left-handed writer requires a special orientation which most guidebooks on the subject do not provide. This excellent study remedies that situation handsomely. Generously illustrated, it offers full, intensive coverage of the art of calligraphy from the left-handed writer's point of view.

B020. Insights into Left-Hand Calligraphy:
For left-handers and teachers. Covers four methods of writing: The Right-Handed Influence, The Sideways Approach, The Hook, & The Upsidedown Method. The best book available for left handed calligraphy.

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Made calligraphy fun -- finally
May 15, 2020  |  By Jack
I've been playing with calligraphy for a little while, but was continually frustrated by my inability to get my pen strokes to look anything like what they're supposed to be. Being a lefty, I always figured it was the pen, so I kept buying and trying pen after pen, with no improvement. As a last resort before giving up, I bought these books, and suddenly the calligraphy heavens opened up for me. These books provided several different left-handed approaches -- and one of which, the sideways approach -- turned my chicken scratch calligraphy into something entirely different. Clearly, I'm still a beginner, but now my strokes look like they should, the pens aren't catching on the paper, and I'm enjoying myself.