Letter Arts Review Vol.12, No.4

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Letter Arts Review Volume 12 No. 4.

The Essence of Letters: The Father Catich Slates at Wichita State University
  by Bill Jackson
If One Only Knew What Calligraphy Is!
  by Hans-Joachim Burgert
Against the Grain: Archie Granot, Papercut Innovator
  by Mordechai Beck
Caressing the Elephant: Or Just What is An Artist's Book Anyway?
  by Adela Spindler Roatcap
Devotion & Desire: Views of Women in the Middle Ages & Renaissance
  by Adam S. Cohen
Written on the Body: A Collaboration Between Peter Greenaway & Brody Neuenschwander
  by Karyn L. Gilman
Foundations of Calligraphy: Part 4 Minuscule to Black Letter
  by Shiela Waters
Book Reviews: Twentieth Century Type Designers
Typographers on Type
Letter Jesters
Cover Artist: Peter Greenaway

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