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B4288. Lettering from A to Z by Phawnda Moore. 2018. 90pp. 8.5"x11". Paper.

Lettering From A to Z includes 9 styles for traditional and modern calligraphy, along with professional guidance and 200 images for handmade gifts, beautiful cards, and journal design.

Written for beginning to intermediate creatives, the 92-page, full-color book begins with exemplars for Uncial, Italic, Pointed Pen Script, Brush Lettering, Lively Versals, Monoline Casual, Rainbow Lettering, Letter Spacing, and Page Design. The book's cover shows the A and Z from a complete, licensed alphabet, Letters by Phawnda.

Phawnda shares layout and design basics from her academic background, using modern tools and techniques.

Continue your journey with practical tutorials on projects "from A to Z", including bar code art books, weddings, holiday cards, comfy writing tools, journaling, name cards, background papers, and quotes.

This is a great reference book for lettering with purpose. It has been well-received by Phawnda's students and colleagues, and it makes an excellent gift.

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