Lettering in the Whimsical Woodlands /Dean

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B4250. Lettering in the Whimsical Woodlands: A Creative Calligraphy Adventure--Nature-Inspired Projects, Prompts and Drawing Ideas by Peggy Dean. 2017. 208pp. 8.3"x10.7". Paper

Lettering in the Whimsical Woodlands provides plenty of space to practice basic and intermediate strokes, with the goal of creating your personal lettering style. Once you've mastered lettering, Peggy Dean shows you how to draw a variety of woodland creatures, including chipmunks, birds, bunnies, and foxes, as well as flowers, leaves, acorns, mushrooms, and other flourishes. By combining your lettering with line drawings, you can create stunning works of art, including home décor, invitations, gift tags, and unique holiday tablescapes. For those in need of inspiration, it provides a bevy of fun and creative do-it-yourself ideas.

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