Luis Creations Resin Dual Penholder

Item Code: H141


H141. Luis Creations Resin Dual Penholder

Artemis and El Dorado are the first resin penholders designed by Luis Creations that feature the 2-in-1 function. The 5-inch (129mm) holders are made with crystal clear resin, embedded with gold-colored foil or silver-colored foil. The holder is fully compatible with the MoFlange; the flange can be removed for use as a straight penholder.

Shaped and weighted similar to a fountain pen, the holder is perfect for those who prefer a solid feel. The packaging is reusable: it doubles as a twist-lock pen case and can be adjusted to fit any penholder from 4.75" (120mm) to 8.46"(215mm).

Choose: Artemis (silver) or El Dorado (gold)

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Beautiful & Comfortable Holder
Jun 21, 2020  |  By SusieG
I've been looking for a comfortable nib holder to use while practicing my calligraphy. I've been enjoying my Moblique holder, but wanted something smaller in length to take with me when I travel. I came across this beautiful holder. The girth is a bit wider than my Moblique holder and helps with my joint issue in one of my fingers. Works beautifully with my Tachikawa and Nikko G nibs. Nice balance. In my daily journal writing I use fountain pens. This nib holder comes close to the feel and comfort of my FPs. I also like the included twist-lock case it came with. I can extend the case to accommodate my Moblique holder as well. I have the Artemis and it's beautiful.

Feb 26, 2021  |  By Rachel
I'm relatively new at Copperplate calligraphy, and recently purchased some pricey oblique holders from a couple of other sellers, and they have been extremely disappointing. I went fancy. I thought long and hard about my JNB order, and got a variety of holders, hoping that at least one would work for me. Turns out, this is it for me. I LOVE MY EL DORADO!!! I didn't expect much from this holder, I tend to prefer products made out of wood and metal, even my fountain pens, but this holder is superb. Excellent angle. Perfect weight. Perfect width. Perfect length. AND IT'S BEAUTIFUL! I'm finally delighted with an oblique holder, and finally I can get down to learning, practicing, and creating! PS: I have a death claw grip, and this is truly perfection for me.