M. G. Ward Professional Hot Foiling Kit

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S1066. M. G. Ward Professional Hot Foiling Kit

December 2021: This item not currently available. If you want to be contacted when it is available, please email info@johnnealbooks.com.

Developed by renowned penman Mike Ward and used for his own work, his hot-foil tool is now available for all who want to add bright, reflective gold to their projects on leather, cardstock, wood, and other surfaces. Mike tested and refined this professional-quality tool over several years before he was ready to put his name on it (literally). This tool works best with his Premium Heat Transfer Foil but will work with other brands of foil as well.

The kit includes an adjustable, low-heat power supply (120V), carefully calibrated for foil work, and a heat pen with 3 interchangeable writing tips, both manufactured in Canada; assorted 10-sheet pack of Mike's heat transfer foil; 3 practice leather bookmarks; and access to an online instructional video, detailing the foiling process. The ball-stylus tips are for monoline strokes and building up stressed (thick) parts of Spencerian and other scripts; two sizes are included, 0.4mm (1/64") and 0.8mm (1/32"). The calligraphy tip (4.5mm) is for broad-edged letterforms.

This tool works best with M. G. Ward Foil.

The power supply iworks with the North American standard 120V (60Hz/0.30A) outlet. The unit is recommended only for use with a standard 120V outlet. There is NO adapter plug/transformer included for other types of outlets.

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MG Ward Foiling System
Jun 1, 2019  |  By Emilee Stucky
I was a little nervous when I ordered this tool, as I wasn't for sure the ease of use and learning curve that would be with it. I also was concerned about how hot it would get in my hand while using. However, I was thoroughly surprised at how quickly I was able to get set up and start my first foiling project! The smaller tip that comes with this is great for fine detail drawing and lettering. I also quickly realized that in order to foil with the included foil, the heat setting didn't need to be above a 3, and the tool never got warm to hold in the 30 minutes I was using it. I was able to hot foil a bride and groom's name on the font of a cloth-bound folio I made from the book cloth I ordered from John Neal as well! It turned out great! Definitely a tool I recommend to add to a calligrapher's tool kit! I have a feeling with just a few posts on my Instagram page, I'll be getting orders for foiling journals and bible covers locally!