Micron Anniversary Special Set

Item Code: M162


M162. Micron Anniversary Special Set.


Celebrating 100 years of Sakura, exclusive Micron set features all 10 sizes with a special black and gold colored barrel.

Manga artists, professional illustrators and watercolorists use the range of point sizes to create precision lines. Scrapbookers and crafters value its archival quality for preserving memories in journals, and notebooks. Use Pigma Micron to leave a mark that will last a lifetime. Sakura of America.

Classic Sakura Pigma Microns have remained one of the most reliable fine line pens in a variety of different fields for over 30 years, from artists and architects to scientists and medical professionals. Permanent, lightfast, archival, chemically stable, pigment-based ink will not bleed or run and is nearly impossible to alter on documents, in log books, or on checks. Smear-proof, feather-proof, non-toxic, will not bleed through most papers, and available in a large range of tip sizes and colors.

This set includes one each of the following colors/tip sizes: Black .003, .005, .01, .02, .03, .05, .08, 10, 12, and PN (plastic nib).

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