Milano Zebra G Fountain Pen (Titanium Nib)

Item Code: FP155


FP155. Milano Zebra G Fountain Pen (Titanium Nib)

Aug 2020: Red Jasper is currently out of stock. Orders for that color will be left on backorder. We hope to get more in October 2020..

Choose: Chiaroscuro , Kalahari, Kyanite Azure, Mud Pie, Red Jasper, Serendip Emerald

All are made of acrylic, except Kalahari, which is ebonite.

Overtightening cap can cause damage to nib.

This fountain pen uses a Zebra G Titanium nib, allowing you to write pointed pen scripts without needing to continually dip into ink! Instead, you fill the pen with bottled fountain pen ink using the piston-fill mechanism and write - and write - and write. The pen's Ebonite feed was specially designed and manufactured for the Zebra G Titanium nib, so the pen doesn't leak. A kit is included for changing the nib when it wears out. (Nib changing is not complicated, but it has to be done with some care. Complete printed instructions are included.) A 2ml sample of Noodler's black ink also comes with the pen.

We have tried numerous fountain pens fitted with pointed nibs over the years, but this is the first that doesn't leak, and none have been as user-friendly as this one. Our testers have loved it. We tried it with standard fountain pen ink as well as Herbin Shimmer metallic inks; both worked well.

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