Nalgene 1/2 ounce Dropper Bottle

Item Code: S897-1/2
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S897-1/2. Nalgene 1/2-ounce Dropper Bottle.

March 2022: Currently out of stock and backordered with our vendor.

Also available in a 2oz bottle: S897-2

Use these leak-proof bottles for airtight storage. They allow you to use liquids without having to open wide a container, making them great for fluids that become useless if they dry out. Harvest Crittenden uses them to store and dispense Instacoll. She can decant a bulk container into these bottles, and it does not dry out (a problem with the wide-mouth containers). You can also now purchase Instacoll already in the 2 oz size (see item code S892).

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