Sample Size Noodler's Ink

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Sample Size Noodler's Ink.

Many of the rich colors of these popular fountain pen inks are unique. The black is lightfast and waterproof (on paper). All are suitable for regular fountain pens and the Pilot Parallel Pen. Michael has found that these inks work great for dip nibs (chisel and pointed). The colors are very vibrant!

These smaller sample jars allow you to try several colors for the price of one large bottle. Approx. 1/2 ounce per sample jar (plastic).

Click here to see a color chart.

Choose Color:
African Violet
Apache Sunset
Baystate Blue
Bernanke Black *
Blue Ghost (Black Light Ink) *
Blue Nosed Bear *
Cayenne *
Kiowa Pecan *
Navajo Turquoise
Red-black *
Sequoia Green *
Shah's Rose *
Socrates *
Standard Yellow *

* Limited stock available

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