Off Hand Flourishing DVD / Sull

Item Code: DVD23


DVD23. Off-Hand Flourishing: Techniques for Ornamental
Penmanship by Michael Sull. DVD.106 minutes.

Michael covers basic tools and materials: pen points, oblique holders, papers. He continues with instruction on preparing and using colored and gold inks, including mixing a sepia ink from vermilion sumi & Higgins Eternal; using Dr. Martin's Bleed Proof White; and Schmincke metallic gouaches.

The "off-hand" instruction begins with the primary flourishing strokes, and then Michel presents the basic steps for cartouches, scrolls, border designs, quills, birds, title flourishing, accent flourishes, and creative patterns. The DVD finishes with a selection of over 50 different historical designs by a range of master penmen. It's the closest thing to having Michael in the room teaching you!

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