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B4313. Paris / Auschwitz: Remembering the Children / A la Mémoire des Enfants Déportés by Eleanor Winters. 2019. 104pp. 10"x 10". Hardcover

This collection of 40 calligraphic paintings by Eleanor Winters is dedicated to the memory of the more than 6,000 Jewish children who were deported from Paris and murdered in the Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust, most at Auschwitz in occupied Poland. The artworks, selected from a series of 200 painting, were done with ink, gouache, oil and acrylic paints, and oil pastels, with calligraphic texts based on plaques installed throughout Paris that ask us not to forget these young victims. The plaques' texts are given along with an English translation, and in some cases a photo of the plaque is shown. The introductory text includes essays by calligrapher Barry Morentz (in English), French writer Roselyne Kraft (in French), and Eleanor Winters (in both languages). Materials and dimensions are given for each of the works.

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