Pratikpen-R (Ruling Pen)

Item Code: N215


N215. Pratikpen-R Ruling Pen.

August 2022: The RD10 and RD15 are currently out of stock.

This newly available calligraphy ruling pen from Turkey comes in various styles.

Note that their writing nibs are not symmetrical: the left-hand-side of the blades form a smooth curve. The right-hand-side blades start with a straight section and are then curved. RD10 and RD15 have cut-outs.

Total length is 6.5 inches. The cylindrical wood staff is 5.5 inches long. The steel "nib" is about 1" long. The color of the grip and the stain of the beechwood handle may vary.

Choose R5, R10, RD10.
R15 and RD15 are no longer available from JNB.

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