Pratikpen-T Set

Item Code: N214-S
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N214-S. Pratikpen-T Set. 8 pens in a leather rollup case. Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 19, 25 mm.

This straight, broad edge Pratik pen is of similar construction to the Automatic Pens. Handle is beech wood (not plastic like the Automatic Pen). The staff is approximately 5.5" long; the nib is approximately 7/8". They are designed to be written with the logo on the staff upward. Handcrafted in Turkey.

Purchaser recommendations:

"The pens are fantastic. I heard about them in a lettering class I took. They arrived quickly despite the fact they were coming overseas. After I prepped them, I used them with both walnut ink and Higgins Eternal. They wrote perfectly, no hot spots or misses, very smooth, held the ink really well. I like the wood handles -- they feel good in my hand. I am VERY happy with these and recommend them."

"The pens are amazing -- I'm very happy with them. They are a pro-quality piece of work, very well made, and write smoothly. I recommend them strongly to anyone that loves calligraphy."

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