Pratikpen-T Set

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N214-S. Pratikpen-T Set. 8 pens in a leather rollup case. Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 19, 25 mm.

This straight, broad edge Pratik pen is of similar construction to the Automatic Pens. Handle is beech wood (not plastic like the Automatic Pen). The staff is approximately 5.5" long; the nib is approximately 7/8". They are designed to be written with the logo on the staff upward. Handcrafted in Turkey. The color of the grip and the stain of the beechwood handle may vary.

Purchaser recommendations:

"The pens are fantastic. I heard about them in a lettering class I took. They arrived quickly despite the fact they were coming overseas. After I prepped them, I used them with both walnut ink and Higgins Eternal. They wrote perfectly, no hot spots or misses, very smooth, held the ink really well. I like the wood handles -- they feel good in my hand. I am VERY happy with these and recommend them."

"The pens are amazing -- I'm very happy with them. They are a pro-quality piece of work, very well made, and write smoothly. I recommend them strongly to anyone that loves calligraphy."

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