Praying the Word: Illuminated Prayers and Wisdom from SJB

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B3059. Praying the Word: Illuminated Prayers and Wisdom from The Saint John's Bible. Donald Jackson. 2008. 76 pp. 5.75" x 11.75". Hardcover.

This title no longer includes the slipcase.

The magnificent text treatments found within The Saint John's Bible were created to honor some of the most cherished prayers and wisdom texts of the Bible. With unique calligraphy and colorful embellishments, these text treatments give life to the passages they reveal. This exquisite treasury collects more than 25 of these glorious portrayals. The facing page for each has a sentence of introduction along with the typeset text of the prayer/wisdom where appropriate. Full color throughout. Ribbon bookmark. Cloth covered binding.


Beatitudes from Gospels and Acts-Matthew 5:3-12
Magnificat from Gospels and Acts-Luke 1:46-55
Canticle of Zechariah from Gospels and Acts-Luke 1:68-79
You Shall Love the Lord Your God from Gospels and Acts-Matthew 22:37-4
0 Hear, O Israel from Gospels and Acts-Mark 12:29-31
Simeon's Prayer from Gospels and Acts-Luke 2:29-32
Our Father from Gospels and Acts-Matthew 6:9-13
You Shall Love the Lord Your God from Gospels and Acts-Luke 10:27
Those Who Believe In Me from Gospels and Acts-John 11:25-26
Repent and Be Baptized from Gospels and Acts-Acts 2:38
The Alien from Pentateuch-Leviticus 19:34-35
The Lord Bless and Keep You from Pentateuch-Numbers 6:24-26
Hear O Israel 2 from Pentateuch-Deuteronomy 6:4-5
Choose Life from Pentateuch-Deuteronomy 30:19-20
Isaiah 1: 16-17 from Prophets-Isaiah 1:16-17
Isaiah 2: 4 from Prophets-Isaiah 2:4
Comfort, O Comfort my people from Prophets-Isaiah 40:1-5
Listen to me from Prophets-Isaiah 49:1-4
Isaiah 60:1-3 from Prophets-Isaiah 60:1-3
Now the Word of the Lord from Prophets-Jeremiah 1:4-10
He has told you 6:8 from Prophets-Micah 6:8
Psalm 150 from Psalms-Psalm 150
Psalm 107 from Psalms-Psalm 107
Psalm 90 from Psalms-Psalm 90
Psalm 73 from Psalms-Psalm 73
Psalm 42 from Psalms-Psalm 42

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