Printmaking in the Sun / Welden

Item Code: DVD53


DVD53. Printmaking in the Sun DVD by Dan Welden.

This DVD video shows every step of making relief and intaglio prints using Solarplates. It begins by showing how to create an image on Mylar using various mark-making techniques. Next you see how the Solarplates are developed and then printed. Tips and advice on exposure times, washing out, registration, inking, preparing paper and the amount of pressure needed from the press ensure that your printmaking experience is easy and successful. Includes a gallery of Solarplates prints with explanations of the techniques used to create them.

Recommended for Louise Grunewald's Letters From the Sun Relief and Intaglio Printing with Solar Plate class at The Summit 2013 conference and at The Passionate Pen 2015 conference.

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