Quill Knife

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S265. Quill Knife

December 2019: This item is currently out of stock. We do not know when we will have them available.

Both blade and handle specially shaped for cutting quills as per Donald Jackson's instruction on pages 20-23 of The Calligraphers Handbook. The blade is beveled one side, straight the other. Blade is hardened and tempered high carbon steel. Specify Left or Right (see below).

Which quill knife to buy?

The right-hand/left-hand versions of the quill knife are based on cutting a quill toward yourself. Apparently, this is the traditional way to cut a quill in England, though some instructors (such as Peter Thornton) teach quill cutting with away-cuts. If you will cut away from yourself when cutting a quill into a pen, you will need an "opposite-hand" quill knife.

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