Richtone Color Ink Sample Size Jars

Item Code: SA-I142
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SA-I142. Richtone Color Ink Sample Size Jars

**Discontinued with Limited Stock**

These vibrant new inks come in a range of 20 colors. They are pigment-based, and all but one color passed our lightfastness test of two weeks in a south facing window in North Carolina (Peach changed color). They have some water resistance when compared to Higgins Eternal, but are not waterproof like acrylic inks. The ink worked well on a range of papers and pads commonly used for calligraphy. (Rhodia, Boris, and Strathmore 400. These are pigment-based inks. In small, wide-mouth jars. (For full-size, see item I142).

Choose colors: Antique Yellow, Lemon Yellow, or Rust Orange.

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