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B4101. Schreiben mit Hand und Herz: Kalligrafische Erfahrungen (Writing with Hand & Heart: Calligraphic Experiences) by Gottfried Pott. 2016. 144pp. 8.25"x11.7".

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In books and seminars, Gottfried Pott has taught the art of calligraphy for 30 years. In this new and very personal book, Pott describes his calligraphic experience. Covering many years, he takes you on a journey into his create process, discussing individual works. With the keyboard as the main means for transmitting text, one can now approach text in an individual and authentic way. And freed from the task of informing, the scribe concentrates on interpreting the text. This writing by hand intensifies the confrontation with the words. Thought becomes visible action. Attention is given to the moment. The letter refuses to always fit to a narrow purpose. The text becomes image.

Unlike, his earlier books, the relationship between text and calligraphic artwork in this book is very intensive. The text, illustrations, and the book's design create an integrated whole. It is a passionate statement, visual and verbal, for the power of writing by hand. German text. 100 calligraphic works are shown.

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